vdeo kenangan  

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Posted by blog dr.

Firdaus ...

Terlalu ramai di kalangan umat ini yg merungut tentang kekurangan orang lain,
Sedangkan dirinya sendiri tidak terurus,
Janganlah kau termasuk dalam kalangan mereka,

Ramai yang alim agama,
Tapi lidahnya tidak terjaga,
Ramai yang sekadar memegang cahaya,
Tapi tidak sampai ke dada,

Hendaklah kau menjadi pelopor kebaikan,
Berakhlak ...,
Allah suka , maka pasti semuanya suka,

Janganlah kau menonjol diri terlalu cepat,
Biarlah jadi seperti benih awalnya,
Tertanam baik , akarnya mencengkam jauh ke dalam bumi,
Tumbuh membesar ditiup angin,
Namun tidak patah,

Merendahlah diri,
Kau kan jadi sang bintang ke bintang,
Kelihatan bersinar dipangdang orang di air,
Namun diri jauh tinggi melangit,
Jangan seperti asap,
Mengangkat diri tinggi,
Namun tidak berguna jua.

- Syeikh Abdullah Hafizahullah, Jabal Muqottom, Kaherah, Mesir.

the sweetest memory in egypt  

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I was going to study on a normal day
And here's what happened on my way
I started running down the stairs
Digging into my pockets for the fares

Like most Egyptians I was running late
I wanted to catch bus number eight

It gets some to the underground up

In the bus I was looking for seat
No place and the chairs weren't neat

I had to face besides the broken do
Where I heard nothing except the loud motor

Everybody was sweating and feeling absurd

Especially the driver who used a loud nas
ty word

With a miracle I reached the metro station
Looking toward
to reaching my destination
Deep inside the metro, people are so loving

So crowded, they were nearly hugging

The metro kept stopping again and again

People started to complain and shout out in pain

Many passengers were falling on the floor
And there was great pressure on the door
Once it opened I found myself kicked outside

At the wrong station because of the pressure inside

I went to take taxi, I was so late
I only wish I could reach my work on the same date

Unexpectedly, a taxi breaks so violently
Yet he stopped some miles away
I was determined to reach the car
When he yelled, How much will you pay?
I said, don't worry, it's not that far

When I paid he said, this isn't enough
Just look everywhere if you are not blind

Check the price and the petrol, we can't efford

I got out closed the door with a slam
And walked away, leaving behind the traffic jam